The Benefits of a Food Journal While on the Roca Labs Regimen

Happy Friday, everyone! By now everyone has gotten back into the swing of things, I presume. In my house, Thanksgiving is long-gone and Christmas has taken over! We have decorations up, the whole house smells like pine and I love it.

Anyway, this morning when I was drinking a cup of coffee, I found myself doing something that I started 3 years ago when I was taking the Roca Labs regimen: writing in my food journal. I don’t really think about it much, since it’s a daily habit that I formed that really helps me stay on track. Today, I want to talk about the benefits of using one, which I think is great for anyone, regardless of whether or not they’re still taking the Roca Labs procedure.

FE_PR_080708food_diaryStart a Food Journal and Keep the Weight Off

I write everything in my food journal that relates to food. I note down the time I’m eating, how much, and whether or not it was an impulse or necessity. From doing this, you can learn quite a few things about yourself, such as the following:

  • Helps you see how much you’re really eating. If you mark down all the quantities of food you eat, you can look over it at the end of the day and see how much you’ve consumed overall. Granted, while you’re taking the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery alternative, you won’t be able to eat very much at all. However, it’s a good way to know what kinds of foods you’re going for to help you tweak your eating habits in a healthier direction.
  • Helps you see when you’re eating.  Mindless eating is one the main reasons for weight gain–I’m certainly guilty of it! When I started my food journal (a week before I started taking the regimen), I was appalled to see that I ate all the time. And it wasn’t good stuff either! By having those times right in front of you, you can figure out what might be triggering you to eat.
  • Keeps your water intake on track. Drinking water is so important and with a food journal, you can really see if you’re drinking the correct quantities. Staying hydrated is one of the biggest keys to success!
  • Keeps the junk food at bay. When I look at my food journal now, I’m proud of the choices I see, but that wasn’t always the case. Writing everything down helps me stay accountable and ward-off those cravings for junk food. I don’t get those cravings often anymore, but when I do, I look at my journal, see how well I’m doing, and choose to have a healthy snack instead.

Keep on keeping on, everyone! You’re doing great. 🙂


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Roca Labs Regimen Helps You Get Back on Track

get-back-in-shapeWelcome back, everybody! I’m sure some you went out early this morning to get some great Black Friday deals; I know I sure did and my daughter was not happy about it. Hopefully, she’ll forgive mommy!

Since my kiddo is taking a nap from all the excitement of this morning, I wanted to talk to you guys about getting back on track with the Roca Labs regimen. I know that Thanksgiving was yesterday, and some of you may have dropped the ball by overindulging a little too much. That’s okay–we’re human and it’s bound to happen. However, I can tell you how to get back on track in no time!

Getting Back to a Healthy Weight Fast

  1. Start immediately! After any holiday that requires eating to the point of needing sweatpants, I always like to take a little of the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery regimen for about a week to make sure that I get back on track quickly. Since I’m not on the regimen regularly anymore, I make sure to have some handy for times like these. I just restart my old habits by taking it for about three days and that helps me lose the extra pounds I gained during the holiday.
    If you’re already taking it and you decided to take a break from it for Thanksgiving, don’t hesitate to start back up as soon as possible. Like, today! The sooner you start up again, the better. This way you won’t allow yourself to return to bad habits and you can stay on the right path.
  2. Work it out. While I did recommend to be active during Thanksgiving, you guys may have taken a break from that as well. 🙂 My suggestion is to go for a lengthy walk today or a even a light jog. Get yourself moving because it’ll be even harder to start working out again if you take too much of a break.
  3. AntiCravings®. I probably sound like a broken record about this by now, but I will continue to urge all of you to use the AntiCravings®! After Thanksgiving, you probably had the chance to eat some of those oh-so delicious sweets that you may have missed. Well, don’t let it get to you! By using the AntiCravings®, you can control your blood sugar levels to ensure you don’t start binging again.

Alright, that’s my take on getting back in shape after Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work everyone and we’ll talk soon.


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Surviving Your First Thanksgiving on the Roca Labs Regimen

happy-thanksgiving-2013Happy Early Thanksgiving to all! Last week I shared with you guys how to keep your resolve during Thanksgiving. But, then I realized that my advice would resonate more with those of you who are trying to maintain your healthy weight. However, for those of you who are still taking the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery regimen, I have some additional tips! These should really help you hold your resolve and keep going on your journeys.

Do Thanksgiving the Roca Labs Way

  1. Don’t forgo taking the Roca Labs regimen on Thanksgiving day. This piece of advice is crucial. I know it’s easy to think, I’ll just skip it for today because it’s a holiday and I want to eat whatever I want. That kind of attitude usually leads to too many slices of pie and more stuffing than you should have. If you continue with the regimen, you’ll be able to eat the smaller portions and not undo all of your efforts thus far. It may be a holiday, but this year you could actually lose weight while everyone else is gaining it. Pretty great, huh?
  2. Remember the AntiCravings®! Your cravings probably overwhelm you during Thanksgiving. I mean, who could blame you, since there are so many tempting things around! I’ll even have to watch what I’m eating. But, like I said last week, having the AntiCravings® on hand could mean the difference between a sliver of pie and uncontrollable binging. With the AntiCravings®, you can maintain your blood sugar levels under control to help you simply indulge in a few bites of the not-so-good-for-you goodies rather than eating three or four helpings of dessert.
  3. Stay hydrated. Part of being on the Roca Labs regimen means drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and this is especially helpful on a day like Thanksgiving. By drinking plenty of water, not only are you ensuring that the Roca Labs regimen is as effective as possible, it will help keep your mindless eating at bay. So, instead of constantly snacking during the day before the big meal, walk around with a bottle of water and drink it down!
  4. Move it! Move it! Like I said last week, don’t just plop down and vegetate right after you finish eating. Go for a walk or play an active game with your family. The more you move, the easier it is for your body to digest your food. Plus, it helps prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which prevents weight gain.

So, I hope this helps and enjoy your Thanksgivings!


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Use Roca Labs this Thanksgiving to Keep in Shape!

giving-thanks-without-over-doing-it-thanksgiving-nutrition-tips-Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing: food, food, and more food! I love this time of year because my daughter and I love to bake, and then the entire house smells like pumpkin and vanilla. It’s one of the best parts of the Fall season. However, as much as I love this season in particular, Thanksgiving (and later Christmas) is an impossible holiday for those who are trying to be healthy or are trying to maintain their weight. It really is! I know that I personally get some serious pie cravings from November until January, but I can’t just eat pie all time and not balloon-up. Luckily, there are some things you can do to keep everything under control.

Surviving Thanksgiving with Roca Labs

  1. Invest in the Roca Labs’ AntiCravings®. When the holidays roll around, I make sure that I’m stocked with the Roca Labs’ AntiCravings®. Even though I don’t take the formula anymore, I do take the AntiCravings® to ensure that I have my cravings under control. If you take a dose the day of Thanksgiving, you should be able to keep your blood sugar levels within a good range. This will prevent the overconsumption of the oh-so-delicious Thanksgiving desserts.
  2. Eat in moderation. Now, like I said before, this time of year is the worst when you’re either in weight management or actively trying to lose weight. There are too many yummy food choices! That’s why I don’t recommend not eating some of the bad foods. If you deprive yourself altogether, it may result in late-night eating to satisfy your cravings. What I suggest, is that you eat a couple of spoonfuls of the stuff you really want to eat but shouldn’t, and have more of the good choices. For example: eat some turkey breast with a green salad and sweet potatoes. But, add a couple of spoonfuls of stuffing and mac n’ cheese, if it’s around. Curbing the cravings will lead to lesser calories in the long run.

    If dessert is more up your alley, then skip the bad sides and stick to the healthy options. Then, when the pies make their debut, cut yourself a half slice. It’ll satisfy that sweet tooth without completely undoing your day.

  3. Get moving! Usually after a Thanksgiving meal, your first thought is to put on some sweatpants and take a nap, right? I mean, you’re probably so full that even walking is uncomfortable. Well, the worst thing you can do is sit down and vegetate because your body won’t be able to metabolize the food you just ate. What does that all mean? It means that food will quickly become fat. Instead of collapsing on the couch, go for a walk or organize a game with the family. It doesn’t matter–just move around!

With just a few tweaks here and there, you should be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving alongside your family! I hope this has been helpful to everyone!


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Three Year Update: Roca Labs Helped Me Stay Fit!

Hi everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I updated this blog–a year to be exact. The good news is that even after not updating for a year, I’m still maintaining my weight loss from 3 years ago! Yes, I’ve been able to successfully keep myself thin for that long without any trouble.

One Year in Review

So, last year I was reporting my 45 pound weight loss that I kept off for 2 years. Since then I was able to lose another 5 pounds, making my grand total 50 pounds! I’ve been happily between 140 and 145 for the past 3 years and I never want to go back to being overweight again. I remember that I always felt tired and sluggish before I started losing weight with the Roca Labs regimen. Now, I run about 2 miles a day to keep in shape, plus, I watch what I eat diligently.

As I mentioned before, Roca Labs allowed me to decipher between eating out of necessity versus eating out of gluttony. For example, when I used to see a food commercial late-night on tv, I would instantly crave a snack. But, after taking the Roca Labs formula, I realized that that craving was just in my head–I didn’t actually want or need those extra calories.

Now, as much as my eating habits have changed for the better, that doesn’t mean that I’m super-strict all the time. For special occasions, I tend to eat whatever I would like. In fact, just last week I went out with some of my girlfriends and we had a delicious dinner with tons of wine to go around, and I enjoyed myself, wholeheartedly. Everything in moderation, right?

My Daily Routine

Even though I’m not taking the Roca Labs formula in the mornings anymore, I still have a daily routine that I stick to and it works flawlessly. For breakfast, I have some low-calorie yogurt mixed with low-fat granola. I like to have the Greek-style yogurt because it has more protein and helps me stay fuller throughout the day. Then, I have one cup of coffee (the half-caf kind) on my way to work.

At lunch, I tend to have some kind of salad with a small cup of soup or a half-sandwich. I also drink plenty of water. In the past, I used to down soda like it was going out of style, but now I prefer water or some unsweetened tea. Once I get home, I send my daughter up to her room to do her homework (she’s already in the 1st grade!) while I do my workout; I usually workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

For dinner, I like to have something light. My go-to lately has been grilled fajita-style chicken or steak with some wild rice and some steamed veggie, like, broccoli. It’s quick to make, packed with protein and very filling. With this schedule, I can stay on track and keep my body healthy.

I’m going to be updating you guys regularly again. I know that maintenance is one of the hardest things to do after losing weight, and I’ve learned some great tips. So stay tuned for more!


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Roca Labs – Keeping the Weight Off 2 Years Later

Hi Everyone,

It’s been almost a year since my last update and a lot of people are asking if I have kept the weight off that I lost while using the Roca Labs formula. I see many blogs and videos out there of people who are using Roca Labs, but I haven’t seen many stating if they have kept the weight off so I decided to keep my followers informed on my personal journey.

There are 2 battles when it comes to weight loss. The first one being getting the weight off and the second one maintaining your weight loss after you have reached your healthy weight.  Both battles dealing with weight loss are hard, but I found using the Roca Labs formula made it easier to not only lose the extra weight, but also helped me to maintain my weight loss by changing my eating habits. I am not going to tell you that for the past 2 years I have not eaten any cookies, cakes, candy or fried foods because I have still enjoyed all those “off limit” foods.  Maintaining your weight does not mean you can no longer enjoy all the foods that you always have. It simply means everything is in moderation. What Roca Labs did for me is change the way I look and see food. I maintain a healthy diet and occasionally I will have an “off limit” food such a cheeseburger and fries from a fast food restaurant. I just don’t eat these types of foods on a regular basis. When I look at food now, I say to myself can I afford those extra calories? Do I need that piece of cake? Am I really hungry or do I just want to eat it because it’s there?  Now when I am hungry or want to snack I choose a healthy snack instead of reaching for the pint of ice cream. However if I am at a birthday party I DO eat a piece of cake and have some ice cream to. The key to successful weight management is moderation and this is what Roca Labs has taught me. I still use the Roca Labs formula on occasion to help me not overeat. Like most people out there I used food as comfort.  So when I know I will be in a situation where I may be tempted to overeat like at a family reunion barbecue I take a dose of the Roca Labs formula that day so I won’t be tempted to over indulge in all that yummy food and just eat because it’s there.  I continue to use the Roca Labs anti cravings supplement to help control my cravings for snacking. I found at night when I was either doing a paper for college or just relaxing in front of the television I would always eat chips or something, now I don’t even think about eating when I’m watching tv or writing a paper. I just don’t feel the urge to snack anymore. If I find myself hungry between meals I eat an apple or some other type of fruit. The truth is I would rather eat fruit, I CRAVE it!  The best part of changing my eating habits is that I am setting a good example for my daughter. She actually asks for a piece of fruit instead of a cookie.

weight loss

I am happy to report that I have kept my weight off and actually lost 10 more pounds since my last update. I have lost a total of 45 pounds! Attending school, working full time, and being a mother of a young child I didn’t think losing weight and keeping it off would be easy for me to do, but with a tool like Roca Labs it was!  No weight loss method can guarantee results or promise you will not regain the weight back.Did you know that 70% of people that have had weight loss surgery regain  the weight within 7 years! When that happens what do you do? Do you go in for another surgery to make your stomach even smaller than what it is now?  That is something I personally would not want to take a chance on.  When searching on weight loss you need to look at all the facts; the good along with the bad. Not every weight loss method works for everyone. The most important thing in winning the battle against fat is first to be fully committed to your weight loss. If you are not in the full mindset to lose the weight no method you try will work. We all know the best way to lose weight is to simply cut your calories and increase your exercise, but for most of us this is not a simple thing to do; we need a tool and in my opinion Roca Labs is the strongest tool out there, but remember your mind is STRONGER.

I am living proof that the battle against fat can be won!

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Roca Labs – My Gastric Bypass NO Surgery Review

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since my last update and I have finally returned. I get a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me about how I am doing and if I will continue to update my blog. Well, here I am 🙂

I used the formula faithfully until probably around mid – January. At that point, I lost 35 lbs and I was happy right there. I figured that there was no longer any use to use the formula. Right now, it is Feb. 28, almost March – I have not gained a single pound back. I can fit into my old clothes from high school and I can run around with my daughter now and I am so happy. I tried every thing from starving myself, Weight Watchers, cold/hot water diets – nothing worked for me until I tried Roca.

I know, I probably stand alone right now because no one has really kept up the blogs or videos. But, I am a living testimony – Roca Labs really does work! However, things were not always easy for me and nothing ever is. When I started, I didn’t take it seriously and I just ignored the formula, I let it sit for a week or so, but I tried again. I came up with a plan that worked for me, not some plan that I Google’d and decided to try. I sat down and thought about how I could (and WOULD) finally lose this weight.

Here’s the thing, you have to have the right mindset. You can’t go and say, “Well, this might not work, so I won’t be surprised.” You’re setting yourself up for failure! Negative vibes lead to negative results. Disregard the people trying to sell the formula or trying to bash it – 95% only tried for a week and gave up. They wanted it to come easy and realistically, NOTHING in life is easy. Expecting weight loss to be easy is absurd.

Roca Labs Gastric Bypass before and after

Check out Roca Labs gastric bypass if you are interested, but if you don’t think you can commit to the process, don’t waste your money! But before you completely give in to your laziness, do think twice about the opportunity to lose the weight without going for an invasive and dangerous surgery which will make your life painful and perhaps short. The cost of surgery is much higher than it’s price, Roca Labs costs less in so many ways! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message on Facebook.

-Deb P.


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25 lbs down! :)

Okay, so it has been a while since my last post. I am soo sorry! However, it was the end of the semester so it was Crunch Time. 🙂 I am proud of myself because the end of semester is one of the most stressful times of the year. Stress also tends to lead to unnecessary eating and I am proud to say that I did not succumb to it.

As most of you know, I do exercise as well. I am going back to the workouts that I did back in High School in our NJROTC program. This includes push ups, sit ups and a 1.5 mile run. I go by the official standards for the Navy, which you can view here. I must say that I am not as fast as I used to but I believe I will get there eventually. If you are going to do the run, I do not recommend running a track. I’ve always found running laps around the track very boring and it’s harder to want to keep going because you are seeing the same thing over and over. I planned a route close to home that is 1.5 miles completely, this way I can set little goals for myself as I go along.

It’s great to see a lot of you using the formula and having success! It keeps me motivated knowing that there are other people out there going through the same things that I am. It’s a great feeling to know that I am not alone. 🙂 Oh yeah, before I forget, if you are having issues with the taste, try mixing the formula with Kiwi Strawberry Juicy Juice. It’s amazing!

If you have not checked out the Roca Labs website, you can find instructions on the site here.

Good luck,

Deb 🙂

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12 Lbs Down :)

Okay, so far I have not told you guys a lot of information about me. I am 5’4 (and a half! ^_^) and I started off at 194 lbs. I weighed myself a few days ago and I was down to 182. However, that was before Thanksgiving, so I am going to weigh myself again tomorrow since that will officially end my 3rd week using the Roca Labs Formula. As for having a weight loss goal or a diet plan, I don’t really have one, well at least a set in stone one. I’m kinda taking the weight loss as it comes.

When I use the Roca Labs formula, I don’t drink it with water. I think that would probably be the worst way to take it. So far, the best way I have tasted it is when I mixed it with Juicy Juice- Strawberry Kiwi. For some reason, I find that flavor very addicting. I also took a spoon and kinda grazed the top of the formula so I wouldn’t have the bubbles at the top. The smell of the formula really gets to me, so doing so REALLY helped me out. For the first time, I was able to drink it like it was just regular juice. I have also used a straw to help me get the formula down. There are a lot of different ways to take the Roca Labs formula, you just have to find the right way for you.

So, I want to see weight loss results a little bit faster than other users on the Roca Labs formula do. If you google “Roca Labs” or look it up on YouTube, there is one thing that 90% of the users do NOT do, which is exercise. Now I an understand if you are physically unable to work out but a lot of people don’t have that issue. Even though I do not have an exact diet plan, I still work out. Currently, I have started out slow, a few sit ups, push ups and squats. However, the further down the road to weight loss I get, I will add more reps/sets and different exercises. Don’t get me wrong, weight loss is possible without exercise, but I don’t want to just lose weight, I also want to be toned.

I’ll start posting some pictures to go along with my posts as well. I think it may help to see a real person who is actually using the formula like it should be used. Also, for ideas. 🙂 Take a look around the Roca Labs website here.

-Deb P.

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Roca Labs: Does it really work?

So, because you are reading this article, you want to know about Roca Labs No Surgery Gastric Bypass. You have been searching on the web and you have found a lot of useful information. However, you just have that one main question that is probably still unanswered: Is Roca Labs another one of those weight loss waste of times? Will I really lose weight?

Does Roca Labs really work? Why do I recommend it? Because i’m using it! Half of the feedback for Roca Labs that you will find on the web is from people who have not even bothered to try the formula. So, you can just go ahead and scratch out their opinions because at this point, it doesn’t matter. You’re looking for someone who has tried the Roca Labs formula and can tell you about their experience. “Oh wait, on their website, it says you cannot say anything bad about the company or they will sue you!” My response to that is, you can blog about your experience and not BASH the company. That’s what half of these other blogs and websites are doing, they are bashing the company and that’s not fair, especially when either you haven’t tried the formula or you tried the formula, but still ate like a pig so it didn’t work for you. I am sorry to be so harsh, but that’s the biggest reason why the people who aren’t losing weight, are not losing weight. You cannot say that the product doesn’t work if you were not doing right yourself. If you continue to go to McDonalds and get a large Angus meal, how can you possibly expect to lose weight?

“I’ve been using the formula for a few days and I still haven’t lost weight! This is just another weight loss scam!” Rome was not built in a day. I understand that you have seen the YouTube videos were some customers have lost a few pounds the first day. It’s perfectly fine if you do not lose weight the first day, I didn’t either. Here’s the thing, your body has to get used to the formula. You also have to tinker with the Roca Labs formula so that it will work for you. For example, I don’t have an issue with eating throughout the day, I am a big night eater. So, it only makes sense that I would take the formula around 4-5 PM so that I won’t pig out throughout the night. Like I said, this way works for me, it may or may not work for you. Once you get into the the groove of using the formula and making it work for you, you will lose weight.

“Why Is It So Expensive?” From my understanding, in Europe, the Roca Labs formula costs almost a grand. If you have health insurance, you get a 25% discount. That would make your total $480. Or you can do like I did and just make three payments of $170. I believe that it is worth it to lose weight. In fact, I believe that once you start to lose weight, every doubt that you had about this product would fade away. Also compared to the actual gastric bypass surgery, this is a much better AND CHEAPER alternative. The surgery not only costs a lot, but there are a lot of things that could happen. Besides, i’ve heard that you have to be a certain weight to even qualify to the gastric bypass surgery. If you are like me, you were far from that limit and you do not want to gain weight just so you can have a surgery. You want to lose weight but still get the gastric bypass effect. That’s why you should try the Roca Labs No Surgery Gastric Bypass Formula. What do you have to lose?

You may go and learn on their website about what is Roca Labs. Take a look and make your own INFORMED decision. Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think about Roca Labs. Your thoughts are appreciated. 🙂

-Deb P.

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