Roca Labs: Does it really work?

So, because you are reading this article, you want to know about Roca Labs No Surgery Gastric Bypass. You have been searching on the web and you have found a lot of useful information. However, you just have that one main question that is probably still unanswered: Is Roca Labs another one of those weight loss waste of times? Will I really lose weight?

Does Roca Labs really work? Why do I recommend it? Because i’m using it! Half of the feedback for Roca Labs that you will find on the web is from people who have not even bothered to try the formula. So, you can just go ahead and scratch out their opinions because at this point, it doesn’t matter. You’re looking for someone who has tried the Roca Labs formula and can tell you about their experience. “Oh wait, on their website, it says you cannot say anything bad about the company or they will sue you!” My response to that is, you can blog about your experience and not BASH the company. That’s what half of these other blogs and websites are doing, they are bashing the company and that’s not fair, especially when either you haven’t tried the formula or you tried the formula, but still ate like a pig so it didn’t work for you. I am sorry to be so harsh, but that’s the biggest reason why the people who aren’t losing weight, are not losing weight. You cannot say that the product doesn’t work if you were not doing right yourself. If you continue to go to McDonalds and get a large Angus meal, how can you possibly expect to lose weight?

“I’ve been using the formula for a few days and I still haven’t lost weight! This is just another weight loss scam!” Rome was not built in a day. I understand that you have seen the YouTube videos were some customers have lost a few pounds the first day. It’s perfectly fine if you do not lose weight the first day, I didn’t either. Here’s the thing, your body has to get used to the formula. You also have to tinker with the Roca Labs formula so that it will work for you. For example, I don’t have an issue with eating throughout the day, I am a big night eater. So, it only makes sense that I would take the formula around 4-5 PM so that I won’t pig out throughout the night. Like I said, this way works for me, it may or may not work for you. Once you get into the the groove of using the formula and making it work for you, you will lose weight.

“Why Is It So Expensive?” From my understanding, in Europe, the Roca Labs formula costs almost a grand. If you have health insurance, you get a 25% discount. That would make your total $480. Or you can do like I did and just make three payments of $170. I believe that it is worth it to lose weight. In fact, I believe that once you start to lose weight, every doubt that you had about this product would fade away. Also compared to the actual gastric bypass surgery, this is a much better AND CHEAPER alternative. The surgery not only costs a lot, but there are a lot of things that could happen. Besides, i’ve heard that you have to be a certain weight to even qualify to the gastric bypass surgery. If you are like me, you were far from that limit and you do not want to gain weight just so you can have a surgery. You want to lose weight but still get the gastric bypass effect. That’s why you should try the Roca Labs No Surgery Gastric Bypass Formula. What do you have to lose?

You may go and learn on their website about what is Roca Labs. Take a look and make your own INFORMED decision. Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think about Roca Labs. Your thoughts are appreciated. :)

-Deb P.

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65 thoughts on “Roca Labs: Does it really work?

  1. frannie66 says:

    This is my review. I smoke like a chimney and I love to drink soda and eat sweets to wake me up during work hours. That was before I started the Roca Labs program, I weighed 98 kilos back then but now that I am using the formula for 8 weeks 2 days I was able to take some fat off my body which actually made my lifestyle healthier. I don’t drink soda anymore, my smoking from 2 packs of cigar a day to 3 sticks a day, my cravings for sweets has stopped and I now weigh 72 kilos and still counting. Thank you Roca Labs, I am starting to get the life I really wanted.
    To all those who are skeptic about it, we all are, I mean I was ’till I tried it.
    And to those who want to know more, check this out:

    or talk to them:

    Again Roca Labs, thank you so much and I am very happy with the results.

  2. frannie66 says:

    I smoke like a chimney and I love to drink soda and eat sweets to wake me up during work hours. That was before I started the Roca Labs program, I weighed 98 kilos back then but now that I am using the formula for 8 weeks 2 days I was able to take some fat off my body which actually made my lifestyle healthier. I don’t drink soda anymore, my smoking from 2 packs of cigar a day to 3 sticks a day, my cravings for sweets has stopped and I now weigh 72 kilos and still counting. Thank you Roca Labs, I am starting to get the life I really wanted.
    To all those who are skeptic about it, we all are, I mean I was ’till I tried it.
    And to those who want to know more, check this out:

    or talk to them:

    Again Roca Labs, thank you so much and I am very happy with the results.

  3. Hi Pat. I didn’t gain any weight but for the first week or so I didn’t lose any weight at all. But the follwing weeks made up the difference :) Make sure to exercise and watch what you eat. It might bee that the 4 pounds are just water and you lost weight in for of fat.

  4. Shelley Flores says:

    I got mine in a couple days ago and have a texture problem but I chug it and almost throw up half way through but mind over matter and push through to swollow it and drink plenty water to get it down. After I take it about hour or so later I feel awful bad headache and naseua really bad also cranky what could be the reasoning for this. I really wanna keep doing it but I also find myself eating more not at once just through out the day feel like I’m eating all day so what do I need to do to stop that as well. Please any advice is helpful. I have gained since I started it but I’m sure its cause I haven’t stopped eating bad stuff and I haven’t tried the cravings drink yet please help

    • jenna25jennifer says:

      Hi Shelley. You’re not the only one who had problems with the texture. The problem is psycological and I just pushed through. If you’re having problem because it has no taste, just add some Crystal Light or use cranberry juice instead of water. And if you have only problems with the texture, try drinking water after every spoonful and you migh consider using a smaller spoon. I found good tips that help me overcome my issues here: As for the side effect, check out this page: I had only minor headaches a first few day, but that’s because I didn’t drink enought water. If you’re having more questions, just contact their support. They are wonderful!

  5. flavia says:

    I start my Roca today and im no felling hungry but im feeling my hands cold, also I would like to know if I can drink Lipton green tea diet with ice substitute the water??

  6. vanessa says:

    if this roca labs work why you have to reorder
    it is a money making thing good luck to all the reports.

  7. Jean WallaceLandry...Shirley J. says:

    Now I am very undecided…I thought it filled up 80% of the stomach and that was that…Now i am seeing if you do what should be doing just to lose weight…You would lose anyway, so why invest in something that is more about changing a lifestyle rather than adhering to a special diet! Seems there is no real incentive to fill up 80% of the stomach if you have to try and change everything else….I thought that was the purpose…it would fill you up and thn the rest would be good eating anyway and exercising if
    if you could!

  8. Christopher says:

    I enjoyed reading this post :) From the reviews I read/watched so far, I can tell that it works. I can’t wait for you to post something of your own. I’m close to putting an end to my weight loss problems with Roca labs. Hope it will work for you too :)

  9. Jamie B says:

    After the 3 month supply do you need to reorder or how does that work? Hopefully one can change their eating habits and not have to reorder, is that the goal? And does anyone know if insurance pays any or the price they give you is the insurance price? Plus I want to make sure I answer the questions to where I will be approved for the Roca Lab.

    • Hi Jamie. I received my package a few days back and I already lost 3 pounds. If I keep up with this rate I won’t need to order additional supply. But if I have to, I will for sure. This stuff is great.
      At first I didn’t like the taste so I mixed it with fresh orange juice and it was awesome :)

  10. Connie harte says:

    Today was my first day with the formula.I mixed the formula with cranberry juice. I found it was a lot to eat all a once. I also started walking. I found i still was hungry. I changed my eating habits also. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Deb P. says:

      Hi Connie, According to Roca Labs instructions you need only to eat as much as the mixture in the morning as you can. If you still have some left over after consuming your morning dose you should try eating more before lunch or dinner. You can see the full instructions here: Are you drinking the required amount of water. I find drinking the water helps a lot with my hunger. If I did get hungry I would either take another dose in late afternoon or sometimes snack on an apple. Are you using the Anti cravings that Roca Labs also sends? That helps a lot with the urges to snack. Make sure you use it, it does work! Let me know how it is working out for you. Good luck! :)

  11. riyas says:

    is it available in SAUDI ARABIA?what shouldi do to to get it

    • Deb P. says:

      I believe the company ships world wide. Riyas you should be able to get it from Roca Labs website.

    • Yes, I also think that they ship around the world :) A friend of mine from France also has weight problems and he ordered months before I did and he received the package. No worries. I’m sure they will be able to send it to Saudi Arabia :)

  12. bb says:

    thinking of ordering but i worry about the taste and the texture…..i didnt get fat by eating things that taste bad lol does it taste good or is it gritty

    • Deb P. says:

      @bb sorry for the delay in a response. Have you ordered it yet? I have no problem with the taste or texture, but there are many ways you can mix it to help with any problems you may have with taking it. I make mine like a smoothie and I enjoy it. Keep me updated!

  13. Bob Riley says:

    I do not believe it is a scam a friend of mine is on it for 3 months now and she has lost 57 pounds with light excise She said she does not get hungery In fact she has to write down what she eats so she remembers to eat.It has been very good for her


  15. Tola says:

    Am on rocalab formula and I think it works,6lbs so far in two weeks.just worried if it has dangerous side effects.

  16. Mike Johnson says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post!

  17. Rocco fratelli says:

    Is the money refunded if u don’t loose the weight or it doesn’t agree with you?

    • Deb P. says:

      No unfortunately no money is given back in case of failure but last I checked their marketing offered a monetary compensation for an impressive weight loss which I believe is still offered. And as far as your compatibility with the formula is concerned, they will not sell it to you if they think it will not suite you for some reason, they have a sort of medical questioinnaire along with the order form.

    • Rocco there’s money return only in one situation if you lose weight. And I kinda think that is a great idea. it’s like in school. You won’t get an A if you don’t do your homework & you tell the teacher you dog ate it. It’s not the dogs fault. You simply didn’t do it :)
      Here, take a look at this this is how you can receive money back. And I think it’s not possible that it doesn’t work. If you follow the instructions, eat healthy (no junk food or overeating) and exercise…you should be fine. And even if you have problems like I did (taking it the first day) you can contact their support and you will get help!

  18. Daniella says:

    This is a very good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  19. It’s amazing designed for me to have a web site, which is valuable for my know-how. thanks admin

  20. mandy says:

    I tried this Roca Labs gastric bypass without surgery, but I also watched what I ate and I lost about 27 lbs at first, then nothing. Only when I started to exercise and I lost another 43 lbs but over 5-6 months. All together, 80 lbs which is relatively a lot on this formula. Still, stuck with some 32 lbs….

    • Mandy those are great results. And I hope you don’t mind me saying this…but you can’t expect for the formula to work if you don’t do something to (exercise). We, fat people, get fat mostly because we’re lazy and won’t get our buts of the couch :) I have a feeling that the formula (I’m on it for like 3-4 days) will not only help me lose weight, but it will also help me develop new and healthy habits (exercise and healthy eating).

  21. Hazel says:

    You are so right. Those people just want fast weight loss without putting any effort to begin with. They are just blaming Roca Labs that it does not work for them. After all, isn’t a gastric bypass without surgery better than the gastric bypass surgery complications?

  22. Debbi Rodgerson says:

    I have started using it 2 days ago have lost a pound so far but it sure has giving me gas:-) but the weight loss will be worth it. I believe this product works

  23. adele says:

    I have using roca labs for 16 weeks because I don’t do it everyday, I am very busy and do not have time to exercise but it has helped me lose weight. So far I have lost 9lbs and still losing…

    I will try to use it more often. I tend to forget because I am always in a hurry.

    Will post more with my success..

    • Adele I know how you feel. I almost forgot the second day to take it. And after that, I put everything that I need for it next to my coffee mug. That way I won’t forget to take it :) Try to put it somewhere where you won’t be able to miss it :)

  24. I just started mine on Wednesday and so far I am down 4 lbs. I am still learning to control my cravings but the beta-gluten stuff helps. My husband says if this works for me then he may give it a shot. I want to lose about 30lbs and he wants to lose over 50.

    • Jacinta those are great results. The anti-cravings help me a lot also :) You’re husband may prepare himself for the formula. I’m sure it will work for you. Best of luck!

      • Kerry says:

        72christopher, today is my first day, and I have so many questions. Would love to chat if possible via email if possible!

  25. Karina says:

    Actually I have been using Roca labs for 3 months more or less, even though I had more formula left to continue, I have already reached my goal so I felt like ok, enough! It has passed a little more than a month from the day I stopped using, and yes maybe I got back like 2 pounds, but I know is because I have been eating more in certain occasions (xmas, new year, etc etc) but MUCH LESS than before. I truly think/feel that my tummy shrank and while I was taking the formula I stopped taking sweets and snacks. Now that I don´t take the anti cravings anymore, I have to be extra careful with the temptations. But that is only up to me I guess =)
    I do understand that is not a miracle product, but it has certainly helped me to improve my eating habits! very practical tool =)
    so don´t worry bout that. As longest you have the predisposition and the willing to conserve the new habits you will get thanks to the formula, there will not be rebound.

  26. Sangeeta says:

    No question about the formula’s effect. My concern is, has anyone used this Rocalabs and kept the weight off after? I’d like to hear from users who has done the whole supply as they say and maintained their weight after. Please share your experience. I really want to try this but I want to hear from real people what happened to their weight like a month or two after losing. -Sangeeta

    • Sammer27 says:

      Hello Sangeeta,
      I stopped using the formula for more than a month now but I’ve been using it for 3 months and loss 35+lbs and reached my target weight. the good thing about this product is I’m able to maintain my weight because now I’m used to in eating small amount of food and I was able to stop my cravings and as you used the formula your stomach shrink in the process that is why using the rocalabs is the answer if you want to loss weight and maintaining it. But really I understand it depends per person but as long as your willing to lose weight this is the one for you. I wish you luck Sangeeta

    • Sangeeta, I’m stil early on the formula but I think you will find the answer to that question here
      I get the impression that this is not just about losing weight, but also about having a healthier life and habits.
      For example I don’t eat junk food anymore and I exercise every time I get (sometime at home and sometimes at the gym). I will do my best to keep on doing that through the whole program and once I finish, I will be ‘hooked’ to the new life style :)
      And if you take care of yourself and pay attention of what and how much you eat, you should be fine. I’m not expert, but that’s just my oppinion :)

  27. Jonas says:

    Roca Labs is the best thing ever…I lost 40 pounds in 3 months…I would never lose weight without roca labs…

    • pam says:

      Jonas did you do a video on your results..I have review youtube testimony and there is no one on there since 2011 but 1 lady….I’m intereseted but something doesnt seem right…there are no videos of a full 3 months success…

    • Jonas those are great results. So far (I use the formula for like 3-4 days) I lost 3 pounds and feel great. I had a headache the first day so I called their support team and I got a couach to call me back later. She told me that that is possible because I didn’t drink enought water. The next day i paid attention to drink enought wate, and there was no headache :) Support is great! Proprs up for Roca Labs.

      • pat says:

        what is there about the formula that gives some people a headache?

      • Hi Pat. I think people get headaches because they don’t drink enought water. The formula absorbs a lot of water and that’s why you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can also get a headache if you’re not on the formula if you don’t drink enough water. It happened to me quite some times. So busy about other things that I simply forget to stop and take a sip of water.

      • jenna25jennifer says:

        Hi Pat. You can have headaches if you don’t drink enought water. It happen to me on the first few days. I didn’t know what was I doing wrong so I contacted their support and they gave me this link: and there I read about the possible headaches. So as long as you keep on dringkin water, you’re good ;)

    • Nancy says:

      This product seems to good to be true, I want to lose this weight so badly, but I want to be safe, I see so many people saying they lost weight, but like someone else asked are you keeping it off? Jonas 40 pounds in 3 months, that’s just want I need-
      that’s amazing, congrats- did have a lot of side effects? did you can it back?
      Can someone tell me more? Please and thank yo

  28. This topic is a in effect good article. Lossing majority is benificial for your constitution and happiness.

  29. Jose says:

    Roca Labs ha ayudado mucho. Yo definitivamente recomendaría.

  30. Jane says:

    Hi Abdul. My name is Jane and I live in the United States…I agree with you 1000%. If it was a scam, I wouldn’t had lost 20 pounds in 2 months after spending years and years trying all kind of diets and spending a lot of money. Everyone is free to try and if it fails for you it does not mean it won’t work for others…

    • Jane losing 20 pounds int 2 months is great :) I sure hope I will lose around 30 in my frist two months :) That sounds like a nice figure to me.
      And what you said about failure…well I couldn’t agree more. I mean you see all kinds of people get fat and some just. They can be the same, but what is the difference? Well in my oppinion the difference is what they are doing or not doing. If the formula didn’t work for somebody, maybe they didn’t do something right, they were lazy or whatever…and usually people want to blame other for their own failure! Human nature!

  31. Abdulraheem says:

    i do not belive roca a scam! i used formula almost 2 weeks now. i have changed my cravngs. i lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. my eating has changed since day 1. those people who does believe in roca i would like to ask question from you. do you take roca too?how come you say it is scam? i believe in roca and i recommend to my other arab friends.

    • Debron J. says:

      @Adbularaheem- I am not saying that it is a scam, please read the whole blog post. I am actually stating why Roca Labs is NOT a scam. :) Yes, I use the Roca Labs formula and I am losing weight. I am also changing my diet around as well and working out.

      @Jane & Jose- I agree. Congrats on your weight loss. :)

    • Hi Abdul :) I’m glad for you and your results. But isn’t 10 pounds in 2 weeks just a little too much? I mean if you keep up that speed you will lose 20 pounds for 1 month & in my oppinion that is much. I would like to lose slowly and steady. I think it will help me keep future weight off easier.

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